Interpretation Services

Expert staff skilled in language and more

Provide support to foreign customers in real time.

In today’s globalized society, securing resources skilled in language is an urgent need.
Most valuable are those who are expert not only in language, but sales and administration as well.

At Prosper Corporation, we work with skilled professionals who are each expert in both language and another field. Leave the stress of finding the perfect candidate to us.


Areas of Expertise

  • Internal Interpretation

    Internal Interpretation

    (Internal meetings, sales talks, training, guide services, etc.)

  • Bilingual Assistants

    Bilingual Assistants

    (Administrative duties, etc.)

  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    (Able to speak the native language)

  • Trade Business

    Trade Business

  • Office Automation Equipment

    Office Automation Equipment

    (For foreign-language data entry)

  • Internal Translation

    Internal Translation

  • Interpreter Guides

    Interpreter Guides

    (To escort guests from abroad for sightseeing or on incentive tours, etc.)

  • Event/Expo Reception and Management Help

    Event/Expo Reception and Management Help

  • Internal Training Instructors

    Internal Training Instructors

  • Language Training Instructors

    Language Training Instructors

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